We moved this chandelier to the round sitting area, the curve of the fixture fitting in perfectly to the round ceiling and framed by the beautiful original beveled windows.

We kept the same door to access the future-closet, but moved the bedroom's window to where the porch access door was in the closet, and sourced french doors from Columbus Architectural Salvage Co. for our bedroom.

With the help of designer Cari Chastain, architect Heather Harbert and the amazing crew at Restored by Wards, we took three bedrooms and turned them into the dreamiest primary bedroom, closet and bathroom.

Starting with the bedroom! We wanted to create a moody and sleep-inducing space that fit the time period.

where the reno is now 


One thing I loved about this project was that we were able to use every piece of trim and every door -- even if it was repurposed as a window!

This space has undergone the most drastic transformation,  and is now my spa-like oasis where relaxing after a long day of work has become routine!

We wanted to combine luxury, comfort and history...on a budget. So between thrifting for vanities at our local flea market, sanding and painting those down, and finding a balance between replica hardware from Amazon and actual antique pieces...we created one of my very favorite spaces in the house. After a year of sharing a 70 year old crumbling bathroom with the whole family, it's just amazing.

The final result

The Closet

Currently, Nick has made a quick temporary solution for storing our clothes with some shelving and rolling racks, but we have big dreams to design and create a custom closet along with a coffee station and mini-bar...basically so I'll never need to leave our bedroom suite!

This room has was once the exam room when Doctor Seal lived here, and most likely that was when a door was made to connect it to the middle bedroom (which served as a therapy room). We used this door to our advantage and kept the layout pretty much the same to make this our primary closet space! We closed off the door to the hallway by installing the second floor A/C unit here.

future demo coming



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