Bathroom #1

Along with the woodwork, we decided to leave the tile -- it's classic and was a great way to save money for the never ending list of work that we have for other rooms! The small radiator was actually not connected, so this room doesn't have heat! Our design plan for this room is to playfully lean into the über fancy feel that the stained glass brings, and create a whimsical "throne room" vibe, while still keeping it fun since it's our teenagers' main bathroom to share!

Our very first project in this house was to make the second floor bathroom a functional one! While the claw foot tub was period appropriate for our home, it wasn't practical for our three teenagers who range from 5'9 to six foot! We loved the non original but still beautiful replica woodwork that was put in by the previous owner, along with the stained glass, so we kept as much of that as we were able to!

The Final Result

Bathroom #2

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Our only bathroom on the first floor was most likely renovated in the 50's when Dr. Seal was living here. It served as our entire family's sole toilet + shower while we worked on the 2nd floor bathroom, so while we have fond early memories of 3 minute showers and cluttered space, this full bathroom had to go! We downsized this space to give us more square footage in our new kitchen!

The Final Result

Bathroom #3

Phase one of this quick renovation is to brighten the room up with white paint, but down the road (like WAY way down the road, this isn't hardly on our radar!) we'd love to find more period appropriate fixtures and lighting!

TIny but functional, our son Nicholas has a half bath right in his room! Tucked under the stairs that lead to the third floor, we assume that this was installed when the doctor had his practice in the house, as this room was the X-Ray room, and would have been the only possible bathroom available on the business side of the home!

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